Bar mitzvah

An official entry into adulthood – what can be more exciting? The first reading of Torah, first Tefilin, for the first time dressed Talit. Parashat ha Shavya (A weekly chapter), read in an ancient synagogue on the Holy land or in front of the Western Wall, seems to reach the skies. DSR EVENTS team will organize unforgettable celebration for the celebration hero. It is in our ability not only to combine preparation and performance of a ritual part, but to create a real party with surprises, presents and lots of fun, which will stay in the memory for the rest of the life. We can also offer you a good ruby in your city who will prepare your boy for the Torah reading. We can offer you and your kid an educational trip over the country which will help to feel the roots. In a word – we a ready to make a first page of an adult life unforgettable!

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